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Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones – Cosmic Snorer

Posted in PC, RPG with tags , , on 14 September 2022 by Thomas

Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones is a Lovecraft-inspired RPG by the developers Cultic Games. I have completed this game once before when it was released back in 2019, but I got into a Lovecraft mood and remembered I had this game. But after spending about 10 hours in Arkham again, stuff is coming back to me why I didn’t like the game that much. It’s not all bad, though, it’s just a major disappointment for what could have been something good.

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Solasta: Crown of the Magister – Lost Valley

Posted in PC, RPG with tags , , on 07 September 2022 by Thomas

Solasta: Crown of the Magister – Lost Valley is a fairly large expansion for the game Solasta, made by the developers Tactical Adventures. I have not yet written a review for Solasta, which might come off as a little strange since I’m reviewing the expansion, but I did a let’s play of the main game on my Youtube channel. Overall, I did enjoy Solasta, at least in the beginning, up to the middle parts. Later parts of the game felt way too easy, and linear, which in the end actually bored, and kinda angered me. The pacing was so slow with all these filler fights that didn’t matter that it started to feel like a chore to play, instead of feeling like you were on an adventure. So the question is, how does Lost Valley fare comparable?

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King Arthur: Knight’s Tale – Half of a Review

Posted in PC, RPG, Turn-Based with tags , on 07 July 2022 by Thomas

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is a turn-based tactical RPG by NeocoreGames. Think medieval nuXcom, with all what that includes, like boardgame rules, cover mechanic and so on. This to the background of the legendary tale of King Arthur, but with a twist. While this sounds good on paper, and to a part it really is, but as I see it, the game has some clear issues – hence the “half of a review”. I will explain.

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Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector – Grimsnooze

Posted in PC, Turn-Based with tags on 24 June 2022 by Thomas

Warhammer 40,0000: Battlesector is Warhammer game number 543, and this one is made by Black Lab Games. It’s a turn-based tactical game, and while it’s a PC game in sense of story, progression, talent-system, etc., it resembles the board game type of army battles people do face to face. With that, I mean you are limited to what force you can scrounge up with the army points you are given on each battle encounter. A bit game:y perhaps, but it holds true to the roots from what I gather. Regardless, it’s still a game with a typical campaign, story, and stoic Space Marines spouting platitudes. And well, it couldn’t be more boring!

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Subterrain: Mines of Titan – Demo Impressions

Posted in PC, RPG with tags , on 07 June 2022 by Thomas

Subterrain: Mines of Titan is an turn-based tactical RPG set on the moon of Titan, and it’s made by the dev-team Pixellore Inc. My initial impression from the demo is that it’s very similar to Stoneshard, everything from the visual style, to general gameplay and survival mechanics – like having to eat and drink. Personally, I wouldn’t say this a bad thing, because both games look fantastic with great pixel-art. It looks very soothing for the eyes, especially with the awesome lighting system that helps setting the mood and graphical richness. Yeah, I’m a sucker for this kind of visuals.

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