Gears of War: Ultimate Edition – Popping Moles

Posted in Action, PC with tags , on 03 August 2022 by Thomas

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (for Windows 10) is a remaster of the original Gears of War that came out in 2006 for Xbox 360. It was made by Epic Games, and it was a big financial success, popularizing the third-person shooter with cover mechanics. The remaster is made by The Coalition, which has also made the modern 4th, and 5th games in the series. I’m not sure what came over me, but I was in the mood for popping some moles, and what game is better than that than the OG pop-a-mole title! I played it with an Xbox 360 controller to maintain the feel of the 360-days.

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Bit of a slow down

Posted in General stuff on 25 July 2022 by Thomas

The site is going through a bit of a slow-down at the moment. And the reason for this, is that I haven’t played much new stuff lately, so I got nothing to write about. Another reason is that I have to do some studying for an upcoming exam. Yes, I took a university course this summer, mostly for fun. Who knew you have to study for it?

But I will be back with new, fresh stuff soon enough. My gaming habits usually come and go in waves, from intensive playing one week, then nothing the next. Anyway, see you all soon, and have a great remaining summer!

Best regards!


The Council – Conspiracies Are Us

Posted in PC, RPG with tags , on 18 July 2022 by Thomas

The Council is a third-person RPG/Adventure by the developer team Big Bad Wolf. The game is set in the end of 1700 – a time rife with political intrigue, back stabbings and societal change, basically a perfect setting for a game concerning world spanning conspiracies and secret organizations. And what a ride it was, for both good and bad!

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Gates of Hell: Ostfront – Quick Impressions

Posted in PC, Strategy with tags on 12 July 2022 by Thomas

Gates of Hell: Ostfront is the next game in the Men of War -series, and this time it’s made by Barbedwire Studios out of… everywhere? Apparently, they are an international bunch of devs. Anyway, I have been playing this for the last couple of days, both in singleplayer and multiplayer – only coop in multi, though. Well, so far at least. And what can I say? It’s Men of War, alright, it’s basically the exact same game, but made prettier with a few engine/AI improvements here and there.

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King Arthur: Knight’s Tale – Half of a Review

Posted in PC, RPG, Turn-Based with tags , on 07 July 2022 by Thomas

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is a turn-based tactical RPG by NeocoreGames. Think medieval nuXcom, with all what that includes, like boardgame rules, cover mechanic and so on. This to the background of the legendary tale of King Arthur, but with a twist. While this sounds good on paper, and to a part it really is, but as I see it, the game has some clear issues – hence the “half of a review”. I will explain.

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