Titanfall 2 – Colony Generic

It’s funny playing Titanfall 2 after completing Star Wars Jedi Survivor (and Fallen Order) since half the gameplay in Star Wars Jedi Survivor is lifted from this game. The wall running is a copied mechanic with the only difference being that you do it in third person. It has the same funky unrealistic level design that for the most part makes no sense. And it has the same kind of boring generic story that I couldn’t wait for it to finish. Actually, I think Jedi Survivor wins out on this one, Titanfall 2 is just pure suffering when it comes to the narrative. Star Wars Jedi Survivor had me at least a little interested at the end, but then again, it has a famous franchise to fall back on. Titanfall does not.

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Star Wars Battlefront II – Return to Mission Area!

This will be a review of the Main Story (yes, it’s called that) and the campaign Resurrection, which was added in a free patch. I have tried multiplayer before, but it’s just not for me. It’s too brain-dead and simple, so the focus will be on the two campaigns that came with the game. Star Wars Battlefront II starts in the Imperial age and lasts up to the god-awful First Order trilogy. You know the one, it has the discount emo Vader in the form of Kylo Ren.

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Star Wars Jedi Survivor – Master of Parkour

In my Quick Impressions of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, I wasn’t very impressed by the game, but I went back in and to my surprise, I started to enjoy myself… a bit at least. The things I brought up in that post still stand, though. Actually, things get worse from that point on. It becomes even more “anime” and absurd, with the addition of another problem; a disconnect from story to gameplay, and vice versa. The story and cut-scenes are presented rather realistic within the setting, however, the gameplay turns crazier and crazier the further you get into the story. Hence the disconnect, and to me this is usually immersion shattering, especially when cut-scenes dictate how my character acts. Like when taking a wound, but just moments before I could eat blaster fire all day. The game is filled with issues like this, and this is on top of the things I already mentioned in my quick impressions.

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Star Wars Jedi Survivor – Quick Impressions

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order, a game I played on the old and crusty PS4. I didn’t hate it, but for some reason, my PS4 suffered from serious stuttering during play, which killed a lot of the enjoyment. Beyond that, when the game ran okay, I wasn’t too impressed with it, but as I said, I didn’t hate it. However, it felt way too gamey for the setting, since I have always considered Star Wars fairly grounded for being fantasy in space. Fallen Order is a little too much anime for my liking, and in combination with the Dark Souls mechanics, it transformed the gameplay into an arcade experience. So, how does Survivor compare?

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Homefront – Korean Rage

Homefront is Kaos Studios‘ second and final game. After the disappointing release of Homefront, THQ at the time decided to axe them. Another studio and brand are dead, in a sea of publishers looking for that sweet Call of Duty 4 money. This is a tale old as religion. Instead of focusing on what made their game good, they decided to chase trends, which in the end proved to be a futile endeavor. However, the game is not all bad, the campaign is entertaining at times, but long gone is the cool futuristic setting. Now, it’s set in a more contemporary setting with some light sci-fi stuff. Just like Frontlines: Fuel of War, Homefront has a strong multiplayer focus, but unlike Frontlines: Fuel of War, it never grabbed me as that game. It feels way too much like CoD. It also comes with added XP, leveling, and soldier kit upgrades – stuff that I don’t enjoy in an online shooter since it makes the immersion and balancing absolutely dreadful.

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