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Against the Storm – Demo Impressions

Posted in PC, Strategy with tags on 17 September 2022 by Thomas

Against the Storm is a roguelite colony/city builder made by the team Eremite Games. I’m not 100% sure what roguelite means in this case, but I assume a failure state is a possibility, and that it will punish you hard – but how and what that exactly entails, I don’t know since I didn’t lose any games while trying the demo. The other genre description is easier to understand since most of what you will be doing is building up different kinds of colonies, all to serve the somewhat impatient Queen of the lands.

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Gates of Hell: Ostfront – Quick Impressions

Posted in PC, Strategy with tags on 12 July 2022 by Thomas

Gates of Hell: Ostfront is the next game in the Men of War -series, and this time it’s made by Barbedwire Studios out of… everywhere? Apparently, they are an international bunch of devs. Anyway, I have been playing this for the last couple of days, both in singleplayer and multiplayer – only coop in multi, though. Well, so far at least. And what can I say? It’s Men of War, alright, it’s basically the exact same game, but made prettier with a few engine/AI improvements here and there.

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Starship Troopers: Terran Command – Bugs!

Posted in PC, Strategy with tags , , on 30 June 2022 by Thomas

Starship Troopers: Terran Command is a real time strategy game by The Artistocrats, published by Slitherine. People with bug-phobia stay away, this game is absolutely riddled with them. No, not technical bugs, but bugs to shoot, maim and burn. Just likes the movies! And as you might have guessed, this game is based on the movie IP, and not the book. Which is fine with me. I do enjoy Heinlein’s book, but I find the movie setting better. It has that brutal WW1 feeling to it, and the bugs you are massacring are actually evil. It also has one of the hottest military chicks in any movie ever. R.I.P. Dizzy!

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Surviving the Aftermath – Tarps for Everyone!

Posted in PC, Simulator with tags , , on 21 June 2022 by Thomas

Surviving the Aftermath is a colony management game set during the aftermath of an apocalyptic event that turned the world into a radioactive wasteland. It’s made by the Finnish developers Iceflake Studios, and published by Paradox Interactive. Imagine building a fishing hut in any other similar game to this, but now add rusty sheets of metal, plastic tarp and other apocalyptic flavor items to the building, and you got Surviving the Aftermath!

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Songs of Conquest – Early Access Impressions

Posted in PC, Turn-Based with tags , on 13 May 2022 by Thomas

The HoMM inspired turn-based fantasy strategy game Songs of Conquest is finally here, or well, at least in early access mode. It comes with multiplayer, 2 minor campaigns and skirmish maps against the AI. I’m a campaign guy myself, so this impression will mostly focus on just that. I also want to say that I’m not a HoMM aficionado. I have played the games in the past, liked them okay enough, but never really got into them that much. My favorite in this genre is probably King’s Bounty: The Legend from 2008. With that said, here we go!

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