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Xenonauts – Illegal Aliens

Posted in PC, Turn-Based with tags , on 27 November 2022 by Thomas

I decided to replay Xenonauts in the wait for Xenonauts 2, and I can’t say I regret my time spent. The game, which I think copies a little too much from X-com to a fault, still provides a grand old time for X-com aficionados like me. The main standout is the time period. The 80s iron curtain setting is a phenomenal pick for the backdrop and makes the game ooze with atmosphere. It just feels right, story, setting, and weapons/tech. And with the provided prequel novel Crimson Dagger that set the stakes, you just can’t go wrong here. Xenonauts is made by Goldhawk Interactive, and currently, they are busily working on a sequel.

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King Arthur: Knight’s Tale – Half of a Review

Posted in PC, RPG, Turn-Based with tags , on 07 July 2022 by Thomas

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is a turn-based tactical RPG by NeocoreGames. Think medieval nuXcom, with all that that includes, like boardgame rules, cover mechanics, and so on. This to the background of the legendary tale of King Arthur, but with a twist. While this sounds good on paper, and to a part it really is, as I see it, the game has some clear issues – hence the “half of a review”. I will explain. 

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Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector – Grimsnooze

Posted in PC, Turn-Based with tags on 24 June 2022 by Thomas

Warhammer 40,0000: Battlesector is Warhammer game number 543, and this one is made by Black Lab Games. It’s a turn-based tactical game, and while it’s a PC game in sense of story, progression, talent system, etc., it resembles the board game type of army battles people do face to face. With that, I mean you are limited to what force you can scrounge up with the army points you are given on each battle encounter. A bit gamey perhaps, but it holds true to the roots from what I gather. Regardless, it’s still a game with a typical campaign, story, and stoic Space Marines spouting platitudes. And well, it couldn’t be more boring!

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Wartales – Early Access Impressions

Posted in PC, Turn-Based with tags , , on 30 May 2022 by Thomas

Wartales is a tactical turn-based RPG by Shiro Games. It’s easiest described as a mix between Battle BrothersMount & Blade, and Darklands, and like those you create a mercenary group to set out for riches, power, or maybe even infamy. Recently they released a major update for their game, so I thought – why not give it a go (again)? And here I am giving my impressions after clocking in 22 hours or so, which to be fair has me only scraping off a bit of the top of the content provided. It’s a big game already!

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Zodiac Legion – Demo Impressions

Posted in PC, Turn-Based with tags on 18 May 2022 by Thomas

Recently tried the demo of Zodiac Legion which you can find on their Steam page, and the best way I can describe it by the few missions the demo comes with is that it is fantasy X-com. The game is tactical turn-based, and while the demo showcase each unit having different stats and weapons, I couldn’t tell if there was any kind of inventory management. I suspect you will be recruiting based on classes, and that will be it, but don’t quote me on that. Hopefully units in the full game will be able to gain ranks, be upgradable and in that way go beyond meat shield status like how they come across in the demo.

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