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Frontlines: Fuel of War – Nostradamus Edition

Posted in Action, PC with tags , on 24 March 2023 by Thomas

I used to play Frontlines: Fuel of War by the now-defunct developer Kaos Studios on the good old Xbox 360 because my PC was crap at the time. It was a hell of a game, the multiplayer was awesome, the setting cool, and the weapons interesting and deadly. I would even consider it better than the Battlefield series. It was an entertaining game with great gameplay that was ahead of its time in more than one aspect when it comes to multiplayer. Unfortunately, it didn’t take off, much to my dismay, and since then the genre has fallen off a cliff in my opinion.

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BROK the InvestiGator – Gator eats Gator World

Posted in Action, PC, Point & Click Adventure with tags , , on 05 March 2023 by Thomas

Point & click and the beat ’em up genre combined, two genres that should never cross, like the beams in Ghost Busters. What is next, horror and comedy? Oh wait, that is a thing. Unlike that unholy meld, Brok the Investigator does the blending fairly well, which adds some gameplay to the otherwise pretty static adventure gaming. However, it’s not all happy sunshine, but COWCAT almost succeeded!

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Star Trek: Hidden Evil – Set Phasers to Good

Posted in Action, PC with tags , on 04 January 2023 by Thomas

Here we are with a new year with new games to play, and why not start the year with the action/adventure title Star Trek: Hidden Evil, a game by Presto Studios, Inc. It’s an old one, and it’s very similar in style and control to the spy adventure In Cold Blood which I have reviewed here on the site. With that I mean; tank-controls in a world of pre-rendered static background shots. Hidden Evil is based on the not-so-great Star Trek: Insurrection movie. Thankfully, it’s more of a background drop than actually being the main frame of the story. Now, I wouldn’t say it’s a fantastic game, but for a lover of Star Trek, it’s an amusing addition.

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Onimusha: Warlords – Demons fear the Samurai

Posted in Console, Emulation, Playstation 2 with tags , , , on 24 December 2022 by Thomas

Onimusha: Warlords is an action-adventure/survival horror set in feudal Japan, which here, unlike real history is infested with demons and the mindless undead. It was made and released by Capcom back in 2001 for the Playstation 2. I do own the game on that system, but I decided to play it on the computer emulated with PCSX2. I had no trouble at all running it, the only setting I had changed was renderer to software. I played the game with a Playstation 4 controller plugged into the computer, which as usual matched all the in-game prompts and tutorials. In true survival horror fashion, the game has wonderful pre-rendered backgrounds with characters and monsters in 3D. Onimusha also controls like the olden days with tank controls, the sticks on the controller are unused – only the D-pad is used for movement. So, is it any good, and does it work as a survival horror in the veins of Resident Evil?

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Ghost 1.0 – Do androids fear Ghosts?

Posted in Action, PC with tags , , on 17 December 2022 by Thomas

Ghost 1.0 is a 2D platformer in the “Metroidvania” genre, and it’s made by the developers Unepic fran. It’s set in the future and your role in this somewhat cyberpunk: ish world is to infiltrate a spaceship hanging around in low orbit around earth. Now, I’m not an expert on this genre, even if I have played a few, so I can’t say for certain if it’s a Metroidvania game to its core, but I do think it’s a fair bit linear to truly be a Metroid-like game. However, I had a really good time playing, and even if I didn’t have to search every nook and cranny to find my way through the game.

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