[Solasta: Crown of the Magister DLC] Palace of Ice – Soraks Forever

The evil Soraks are back, and they are meaner and greener than ever! Palace of Ice is another story DLC for Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Unlike Lost Valley, this one is a direct continuation of the original campaign instead of being a standalone adventure. This means that you get the chance to import your old dungeon-crawling crew if you still got the save file laying around. I had to start up an old computer of mine to find the save as it was a long time since I played it. And thank the Lord I found it. The thought of going through the main campaign again just to experience Palace of Ice would have been very demoralizing. Not that the main adventure is all bad, but one take was enough for me. And yes, you are allowed to create a new party, but my weird gaming autism would have prevented me from doing so.

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[Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous DLC] Through the Ashes – Quick Load Edition

Through the Ashes is a stand-alone story DLC for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, which I have not yet written a review for since I haven’t actually finished it. Trust me, I have tried many times with different kinds of characters. Everything from paladins to druids, but I always seem to hit a wall during my journey through the demon-infested lands. One day I will, though, probably when all expansions have been released for the game – for the complete experience! Some of the content does integrate with the main campaign, so the preferable thing is to experience it all in one glorious take. However, that is for another time, back to the key event.

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution: The Missing Link

Deus Ex: Human Revolution: The Missing Link is a stand-alone (if we go by the original release) expansion for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. In the Director’s Cut version of the game, this expansion is integrated into the main campaign of HR, not without some issues, though – bug and pacing-wise. The story of The Missing Link takes place during the campaign when Adam Jensen leaves the Hengsha harbor in a stasis pod. In the HR storyline, Adam is unaccounted for three days, and in this expanded narrative, we get to experience what happened to him during those missing days. Like the main game, this expansion is made by Eidos Montréal.

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Sneaking is Life

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a stealth-based first & third-person action/RPG, set in a futuristic setting where conspiracy is law, and enchanting your abilities through limb augments is as common as the regular cold. It’s made by Eidos Montréal, and it’s a prequel to the legendary PC game Deus Ex. While it does feel more serious compared to the original, the tone and thematic setting remain the same. This review will be based on the initial PC release, and not the sham and semi-abomination that is the later released Director’s Cut.

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Dragon Age: Origins – A revisit

I have written about Dragon Age: Origins before here on this blog (mind you, it’s in Swedish), and back then I didn’t like it that much. I thought the story was way too generic, and in general, it just felt old. However, now that I’m older, and ten times more cynical when it comes to gaming (and everything else for that matter) the game is not that bad. Not bad at all actually! It feels like a genuine throwback to a time when games were made with love and ambition. I guess I just couldn’t see it then, but that is not hard now looking out over the micro-transaction hellscape that is the AAA gaming landscape. But sure, it’s not the most innovative title ever, the RP parts is pretty rudimentary when it comes to mechanics, and the world is fairly static, but man, if it isn’t a totally charming experience to go through it now. And to add – Dragon Age: Origins was made by BioWare back when they usually produced quality stuff.

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