Stranded: Alien Dawn – Quick Impressions

Stranded: Alien Dawn is a colony builder in the style of Rimworld that just left Early Access for its 1.0 release. It’s made by Haemimont Games and published by Frontier Foundry. This is far from a review since I have only clocked in about three hours of the game before I asked for a refund on Steam. I will explain why.

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Dwarf Fortress Steam Edition – Quick Impressions

Been playing the new Dwarf Fortress version on Steam for about twenty hours now, and I think I got enough time under my belt to give some quick impressions. First off, I want to praise the new UI, in general at least, and the new graphics. It’s way more detailed than any visual pack I have used for the free version of the game. While I didn’t think the keyboard controls were that painful – just a bit archaic, I do appreciate the new mouse controls. It feels a bit more casual, and it requires less from you, which at least lets me focus on something else while playing – like listening to a good audiobook or watching a show on the second monitor.

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Surviving the Aftermath – Tarps for Everyone!

Surviving the Aftermath is a colony management game set during the aftermath of an apocalyptic event that turned the world into a radioactive wasteland. It’s made by the Finnish developers Iceflake Studios and published by Paradox Interactive. Imagine building a fishing hut in any other similar game to this, but now add rusty sheets of metal, a plastic tarp, and other apocalyptic flavor items to the building, and you got Surviving the Aftermath!

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Arma Reforger – Bohemian Musings

I have not played Arma Reforger since I find myself paying 30 euro bucks for a demo ridicules, so this will be my thoughts based on what I have read, and seen on Twitch streams. I also recognize the general idea of this thing – it being some kind of bridge between Arma 3 and 4, something for the community to try out and give feedback on. What I don’t get, though, if this is supposed to be a foundation for Arma 4, why is it so limited? And I don’t mean in the sense that it’s a tech demo, I mean in the sense that a ton of features have just disappeared, or made simplified, aka consolized.

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Crusader Kings III – Quick Impressions

I have been trying out Crusader Kings III by Paradox Interactive with all currently released DLCs as of May 2022. I played as a custom ruler, starting on “newbie-island”, aka Ireland, in the southern part. While I do like many of the improvements, CK3 unfortunately feels like typical Paradox shenanigans…

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