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Surviving the Aftermath – Tarps for Everyone!

Posted in PC, Simulator with tags , , on 21 June 2022 by Thomas

Surviving the Aftermath is a colony management game set during the aftermath of an apocalyptic event that turned the world into a radioactive wasteland. It’s made by the Finnish developers Iceflake Studios, and published by Paradox Interactive. Imagine building a fishing hut in any other similar game to this, but now add rusty sheets of metal, plastic tarp and other apocalyptic flavor items to the building, and you got Surviving the Aftermath!

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Arma Reforger – Bohemian Musings

Posted in PC, Simulator with tags on 23 May 2022 by Thomas

I have not played Arma Reforger since I find paying 30 eurobucks for a demo ridicules, so this will be my thoughts based on what I have read, and seen on Twitch streams. I also recognize the general idea of this thing – it being some kind of bridge between Arma 3 and 4, something for the community to try out and give feedback on. What I don’t get, though, if this is supposed to be a foundation for Arma 4, why is it so limited? And I don’t mean in the sense that it’s a tech demo, I mean in the sense that a ton of features have just disappeared, or made simplified, aka consolized.

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Crusader Kings III – Quick Impressions

Posted in PC, Simulator with tags , , on 11 May 2022 by Thomas

I have been trying out Crusader Kings III by Paradox Interactive with all current released DLCs as of May 2022. I played as a custom ruler, starting on “newbie-island”, aka Ireland, in the southern part. While I do like many of the improvements, CK3 unfortunately feels like typical Paradox shenanigans…

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[Arma 3 mod] Mega Immersion Collection!

Posted in PC, Simulator with tags , on 17 April 2022 by Thomas

After many hours of testing, sweating and cursing, I think I have finally managed to compile a pretty damn good collection of mods that will increase the immersion by at least 74%. It is proven, trust me. It should work with most custom campaigns, the main official campaign actually, and that is very good since that was the intent from the start – to improve the stuff already created that is! You can find the collection of mods in the link below, but here on this page I will go through them all and explain what they do, and why you want them if you are an immersion freak like I am.

Sweet immersion for the masses!

So, let us start. I will list it how it is listed on the STEAM-collection page.

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[Arma 3 mod] Lands Divided

Posted in PC, Simulator with tags , , on 02 April 2022 by Thomas

Lands Divided is another single-player campaign made by Apollyon, and from what I understand it’s set in the same universe as The Bay Of Hugeris. This campaign takes place in the fictional country of Locombia, a typical third-world despot state, filled with crime, corrupt officials and murdering rebels. Things are not all bad, though – now, with the country of Vespaccia taking interest in the stability of the Locombia, helping it regain its footing. You play (at first at least) as a squad leader, part of an expeditionary peace keeping force sent to the country to help the president and the local forces to retain control of the country. Things are going well at first, but as common in these regions, rebels will show their discontent in the form of extreme violence.

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