The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age – Moria Endurance Run

The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age (LOTR: TTA) is truly an epic game, however, it might be for the wrong reasons depending on how you see it. While the game takes you through the whole movie trilogy, which is an epic effort in itself. What makes it truly epic beyond that and anything I have played recently is the amount of fighting you will do. This game isn’t that large if you go by map size, it’s the density of the orc hordes that need to be slaughtered that makes it way bigger than it actually is. With each five to ten steps you take towards your goal, you will have a fight, which makes this title an endurance run without equal. If you are allergic to any form of grinding, or filler encounters, stay far away from LOTR: TTA! If you are not… 

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The Brotherhood (Stasis, Beautiful Desolation) – Interview

Welcome to an interview with The Brotherhood, the developer team behind games such as Stasis, and Beautiful Desolation. In just a few days (two to be exact) their new title Stasis: Bone Totem will be released, which will be the third game in the excellent horror adventure series set in the world of Stasis. In this interview we talk about a little of everything, from the initial Kickstarter days of Stasis to their latest upcoming game, and what inspired them to make them. Enjoy!

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[Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous DLC] Through the Ashes – Quick Load Edition

Through the Ashes is a stand-alone story DLC for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, which I have not yet written a review for since I haven’t actually finished it. Trust me, I have tried many times with different kinds of characters. Everything from paladins to druids, but I always seem to hit a wall during my journey through the demon-infested lands. One day I will, though, probably when all expansions have been released for the game – for the complete experience! Some of the content does integrate with the main campaign, so the preferable thing is to experience it all in one glorious take. However, that is for another time, back to the key event.

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Titanfall 2 – Colony Generic

It’s funny playing Titanfall 2 after completing Star Wars Jedi Survivor (and Fallen Order) since half the gameplay in Star Wars Jedi Survivor is lifted from this game. The wall running is a copied mechanic with the only difference being that you do it in third person. It has the same funky unrealistic level design that for the most part makes no sense. And it has the same kind of boring generic story that I couldn’t wait for it to finish. Actually, I think Jedi Survivor wins out on this one, Titanfall 2 is just pure suffering when it comes to the narrative. Star Wars Jedi Survivor had me at least a little interested at the end, but then again, it has a famous franchise to fall back on. Titanfall does not.

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Star Wars Battlefront II – Return to Mission Area!

This will be a review of the Main Story (yes, it’s called that) and the campaign Resurrection, which was added in a free patch. I have tried multiplayer before, but it’s just not for me. It’s too brain-dead and simple, so the focus will be on the two campaigns that came with the game. Star Wars Battlefront II starts in the Imperial age and lasts up to the god-awful First Order trilogy. You know the one, it has the discount emo Vader in the form of Kylo Ren.

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