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Tempest Rising – Who are the devs?

Posted in General stuff with tags on 25 January 2023 by Thomas

I, like many others, am patiently waiting for Tempest Rising since it looks like a nice shot at doing a revival for the RTS genre. But who is even making this game? I sat on the loo and decided to check out some info on the phone about the game as you do, and I quickly noticed that it has two different developers. Not a great start I would say, a game split between two devs – how does that even work design-wise? Is it collaboration through and through, or do one design, and the other one the technical?

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Jagged Alliance 3 – Ian Currie

Posted in General stuff with tags on 22 January 2023 by Thomas

In a rather surprising move, the team behind Jagged Alliance 3 got the original designer (Ian Currie) of the Jagged Alliance game onboard. Going by the video released concerning this, he sure says all the right things, and it got me more excited than I used to be for this game. However, it’s unfortunately not a recipe for success as seen before with games like Phoenix Point with Julian Gollop at the helm. To be honest, it all has become a bit of a meme, especially for us that took part in the RPG Kickstarter revival. Still cool, though, and another interesting thing is that the lead designer seems to play and like Jagged Alliance 2 if you go by the video. He mentions he plays and finishes it at least once per year, so hopefully, his love for the game translates over to the sequel. 

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Archrebel: Tactics – Awesome Music Incoming

Posted in General stuff with tags on 10 May 2022 by Thomas

The dev for Archrebel: Tactics keep posting music tracks from his upcoming X-com like turn-based tactical game on the Codex forum, and I figured I just had to share. It has this great synth flavor to it, it’s futuristic and space:y but with a clear military theme. Excellent stuff!

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Archrebel: Tactics – Upcoming X-com-like

Posted in General stuff with tags on 19 April 2022 by Thomas

Archrebel Tactics is an upcoming turn-based tactical game made by Fernando Pereira. It’s based on Rebelstar released all the way back in 1986 – hence the retro graphics! Still, going by the presentation video it looks to have a modern flair to it, effects are very fluid and sweet looking. Just check out the acid spittle from giant bugs!

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Project Haven – Cyberpunk Fun

Posted in General stuff with tags on 04 April 2022 by Thomas

2022 will be a good year for everyone that enjoy turn-based tactical games with simulated systems – if we all get to live through it, considering the volatile state of the world. I’m not sure about the odds, but having two very promising TB-games coming out the same year must be minuscule, yet, here we are with Project Haven closing in on release. PH will have a narrative driven campaign set in a near-future cyberpunk world, and unsurprising to none – this world is filled with hostile gangs that needs to be taken out, and you are up for the task.

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