Hibernaculum – Kickstarter

I do not usually do straight-up promotions for products, but seeing how cool this project is, I just had to. It’s a futuristic RPG/Survival Horror, as gritty as my egg-sandwiches with bacon, and oh boy does it look good. Check the video down below for some rusty space tunnel trudging.

Cool music, cool visuals… and cool gameplay??? Those alive in 2025 will see

The developers are not some unknowns either, actually, some of you point & click aficionados might recognize the style. The developers are Wormwood Studios with games such as Primordia and Strangeland – not too shabby!

The Kickstarter just went live, so if you want to grab that 10000-dollar pledge, you better hurry! And not to forget, but if you want to see a little more of the game, Hibernaculum got a YouTube channel, which you can find here.


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