The Brotherhood (Stasis, Beautiful Desolation) – Interview

Welcome to an interview with The Brotherhood, the developer team behind games such as Stasis, and Beautiful Desolation. In just a few days (two to be exact) their new title Stasis: Bone Totem will be released, which will be the third game in the excellent horror adventure series set in the world of Stasis. In this interview we talk about a little of everything, from the initial Kickstarter days of Stasis to their latest upcoming game, and what inspired them to make them. Enjoy!

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White Pond Games (Urban Strife) – Interview

The isometric turn-based tactical game, Urban Strife, is one of my most anticipated upcoming games this year. It’s basically Jagged Alliance 2, with updated 3D graphics, set in the zombie apocalypse. So, what’s not to like? It’s made by the Romanian studio White Pond Games, and I managed to score an interview with the crew over e-mail. Down below, you can read some hopefully interesting tidbits about this upcoming title!

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