Food for the Soul (gamer style) – Volume Three

It’s once again time for music. And let’s start off with some 90s cyberpunk with Syndicate

Simple in its structure, but oh so awesome. Futuristic, hard, and ominous. With this introductory tune, you are about to be thrown into a cyberpunk world full of strife and mind melting.

Say what you want about Bioshock, but one thing it has going for it is the opening music for the underwater city of Rapture.

The music piece by itself has a great sense of wonder and combined with the visuals presented, you can’t help get taken away by its awe.

Dungeon Keeper isn’t known for its sense of tranquility, however, there is one tune that conveys just that. It’s the musical part that plays between picking what town to ruin with your evil ways.

Feeling calm? Maybe even melancholic? The latter for me. A great number, that despite its theme fits the game like a glove, especially the ending of the track when it ebbs out into something more sinister.

How about another gloomy bit, just to continue on that line with Cannon Fodder. While the tunes are good, it’s hard not to think of the futility of war when you see the crosses on the hill representing dead soldiers, men that you once controlled…

And knowing what fate waits for the rest of the enthusiastic recruits if you can’t step up your game. You don’t want more dead now, do you?

Oh boy, can something sound more menacing that the undead’s marching song in Battle Brothers?

This is one of the best songs ever made to symbolize the risen dead come marching to war once more. The hard beats, marching drums, and chorus makes it great, but oh-so terrifying. If this comes on while facing off against the undead, it amplifies the feeling of dread by at least times five.

And now to end on something epic, and it’s the theme song for SpellForce 3. Worthy of any grand fantasy tale.

A good game with music fitting the monumental nature of the series. If this does not make you feel ready for adventure, I don’t know what will!

That was all from me this time. So goodbye until next time!


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