[Arma 3 mod] Mega Immersion Collection!

After many hours of testing, sweating, and cursing, I think I have finally managed to compile a pretty damn good collection of mods that will increase the immersion by at least 74%. It is proven, trust me. It should work with most custom campaigns, the main official campaign actually, and that is very good since that was the intent from the start – to improve the stuff already created that is! You can find the collection of mods in the link below, but here on this page I will go through them all and explain what they do, and why you want them if you are an immersion freak like I am.

Sweet immersion for the masses!

So, let us start. I will list it how it is listed on the STEAM-collection page.

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[Arma 3 mod] Lands Divided

Lands Divided is another single-player campaign made by Apollyon, and from what I understand it’s set in the same universe as The Bay Of Hugeris. This campaign takes place in the fictional country of Locombia, a typical third-world despot state, filled with crime, corrupt officials, and murdering rebels. Things are not all bad, though – now, with the country of Vespaccia taking interest in the stability of the Locombia, helping it regain its footing. You play (at first at least) as a squad leader, part of an expeditionary peacekeeping force sent to the country to help the president and the local forces to retain control of the country. Things are going well at first, but as common in these regions, rebels will show their discontent in the form of extreme violence. 

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[Arma 3 mod] The Bay Of Hugeris

Bless those that make single-player content for Arma 3, and one that surely should be blessed is the user Apollyon for his campaign The Bay of Hugeris. In this fictional campaign, you get to follow the two nations Sevincia, and the Kingdom of Masere, two countries that are not exactly on friendly terms with each other. One is communist, and the other one is more or less NATO-like, so as you can guess – we have a bit of an oil-and-water situation here. 

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Arma 3 APEX – Jungle Fever

My buddy and I recently finished the official APEX expansion in cooperative mode for Arma 3. The story is a direct continuation of “East Wind” from the original game, but at first, it does feel disconnected until something specific comes up which I won’t spoil. It’s a cool touch having a narrative that connects with each other, considering it’s a war simulator and not your standard AAA-game series.

Instead of the usual all-out war, you play as a cloak-and-dagger special operations team that has the task of taking out a local warlord on the island paradise (for criminals) of Tanoa. This group is named “Syndikate” and is mostly equipped with old-fashioned AKs and equipment like that. Not the high-tech armies of past campaigns. Though, later on in the campaign, you get to meet another faction that is equipped with more futuristic high-tech weaponry, like yourself. The story is presented in a very Tom Clancy-esque way, which to me is awesome. It instantly gets me into the clandestine thriller mood, so well done here!

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[Arma 3 mod] Battle of Norway – Operation Weserübung

I have recently been getting into Arma 3 again, playing the APEX expansion with a friend (impressions coming soon!). While being fun, what truly caught my eye is the amount of single-player/cooperative campaigns out there on STEAM workshop. And one of those campaigns is the World War 2-themed Battle of Norway – Operation Weserübung. It takes place during the invasion of Norway, and you get to play as a German paratrooper equipped (well, at least from the start) with an MP40 and if you are lucky a few stick grenades. 

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