[Arma 3 mod] The Bay Of Hugeris

Bless those that make single-player content for Arma 3, and one that surely should be blessed is the user Apollyon for his campaign The Bay of Hugeris. In this fictional campaign, you get to follow the two nations Sevincia, and the Kingdom of Masere, two countries that are not exactly on friendly terms with each other. One is communist, and the other one is more or less NATO-like, so as you can guess – we have a bit of an oil-and-water situation here. 

The story is great, and the briefings are filled with backstory, a true boon for immersion. There are also minor cut-scenes, and characters to talk to, to push the story forward. What is also interesting, is that you get to play both sides of the conflict – so you get to try all kinds of weapons, and experience a different styles of military tactics. There is also a technological gap between the countries that you get to experience when switching sides. It keeps the campaign fresh and engaging throughout.

During the campaign, you will get to follow, and lead, as you gain rank during the war. The missions are varied – everything from stealthy special operations, combined massive assaults, and armor commandeering, to operation commander of all attacking troops. There is a constant sense of escalating war throughout the campaign that has this increasing feeling of dread while going from assignment to assignment.

Hiding, why yes, that is my middle name

Otherwise, it’s Arma 3, so exceptions shouldn’t excel that fact. I’m happy to say that my little collection of immersion mods works perfectly with the campaign. No issues at all. So, if you are in the mood for a captivating time in Arma with a lot of varied missions, you can’t go wrong with this custom-made campaign. Recommended!

Thanks for reading.


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