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Call of the Sea – Impressions

Posted in PC, Point & Click Adventure with tags , on 28 April 2022 by Thomas

This will not be a full review since I didn’t finish it, so this will be more of an impression/take on the early parts of the game. Call of the Sea is a puzzle, point & click adventure by the developers Out of the Blue. By typical modern first-person puzzle design, it’s a walking simulator to at least 70% of the gameplay, with the remaining 30% consisting of pressing buttons. I don’t have anything against it per se, so don’t take this aspect as a negative for my unlike of the game, it was just something with this title that put me off it.

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The Ultimate X-com Experience

Posted in PC, Turn-Based with tags , on 23 April 2022 by Thomas

Yes, there is a way to improve the legendary campaign of X-com without changing too much of the original experience. It works as an enchantment rather than actual conversion, a bit like what the community patch 1.3 have done for Jagged Alliance 2. Now, I’m not saying my changes/mods, or the main mod itself is on the same level as that patch, but it’s based on the same principles. So, welcome to my take on the ultimate X-com experience!

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Archrebel: Tactics – Upcoming X-com-like

Posted in PC, Turn-Based with tags on 19 April 2022 by Thomas

Archrebel Tactics is an upcoming turn-based tactical game made by Fernando Pereira. It’s based on Rebelstar released all the way back in 1986 – hence the retro graphics! Still, going by the presentation video it looks to have a modern flair to it, effects are very fluid and sweet looking. Just check out the acid spittle from giant bugs!

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[Arma 3 mod] Mega Immersion Collection!

Posted in PC, Simulator with tags , on 17 April 2022 by Thomas

After many hours of testing, sweating and cursing, I think I have finally managed to compile a pretty damn good collection of mods that will increase the immersion by at least 74%. It is proven, trust me. It should work with most custom campaigns, the main official campaign actually, and that is very good since that was the intent from the start – to improve the stuff already created that is! You can find the collection of mods in the link below, but here on this page I will go through them all and explain what they do, and why you want them if you are an immersion freak like I am.

Sweet immersion for the masses!

So, let us start. I will list it how it is listed on the STEAM-collection page.

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Phoenix Point – It Came From the Sea

Posted in PC, Turn-Based with tags , on 16 April 2022 by Thomas

When Julian Gollop announced he would be making a spiritual sequel to X-com, there was much rejoice. Unfortunately, the game that followed was lined with controversies like – changing the art-style from gritty post-apocalypse to nuXcom inspired science-fiction with oversized shoulder pauldrons. Dumping the open platform release for EPIC store exclusivity, while simultaneously insulting the Kickstarter-base that their investment meant nothing now with EPIC backing them financially. Yeah, it was not a great start, that even had me cancel my pledge…

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