Wartales – Early Access Impressions

Wartales is a tactical turn-based RPG by Shiro Games. It’s easiest described as a mix between Battle BrothersMount & Blade, and Darklands, and like those you create a mercenary group to set out for riches, power, or maybe even infamy. Recently they released a major update for their game, so I thought – why not give it a go (again)? And here I am giving my impressions after clocking in 22 hours or so, which to be fair has me only scraping off a bit of the top of the content provided. It’s a big game already!

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Game of Thrones – A Telltale Games Series

As usual, when it comes to Telltale games their focus is on the narrative with a minimum of gameplay besides quick-time-events. Their Game of Thrones take is no different, and I think, as long as you know what you get into, this lack of gameplay shouldn’t really bother you as long as the story is entertaining. So, does Telltale do justice to the grim world of a Song of Ice and Fire?

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Arma Reforger – Bohemian Musings

I have not played Arma Reforger since I find myself paying 30 euro bucks for a demo ridicules, so this will be my thoughts based on what I have read, and seen on Twitch streams. I also recognize the general idea of this thing – it being some kind of bridge between Arma 3 and 4, something for the community to try out and give feedback on. What I don’t get, though, if this is supposed to be a foundation for Arma 4, why is it so limited? And I don’t mean in the sense that it’s a tech demo, I mean in the sense that a ton of features have just disappeared, or made simplified, aka consolized.

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The Crimson Diamond – Demo Impressions

The Crimson Diamond is an adventure game by Julia Minamata, and unlike other titles that falls under the same genre, this one is parser based. Which means that you must input commands in text form for your character to do stuff. While interesting, I have no real nostalgic connection to parser based games, so from a novelty perspective it’s kinda cool, but it doesn’t pull any extra strings in my heart going in…

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Zodiac Legion – Demo Impressions

Recently tried the demo of Zodiac Legion which you can find on their Steam page, and the best way I can describe it by the few missions the demo comes with is that it is fantasy X-com. The game is tactical turn-based, and while the demo showcase each unit having different stats and weapons, I couldn’t tell if there was any kind of inventory management. I suspect you will be recruiting based on classes, and that will be it, but don’t quote me on that. Hopefully units in the full game will be able to gain ranks, be upgradable and in that way go beyond meat shield status like how they come across in the demo.

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