Archrebel: Tactics – Upcoming X-com-like

Archrebel Tactics is an upcoming turn-based tactical game made by Fernando Pereira. It’s based on Rebelstar released all the way back in 1986 – hence the retro graphics! Still, going by the presentation video it looks to have a modern flair to it, effects are very fluid and sweet looking. Just check out the acid spittle from giant bugs!

Reading the presentation, it seems X-com is a heavy influence too, which of course catches my fancy. Action-point system is mentioned and destructible environments. Staple of any X-com-like game! The only negative I can take, so far, is that the campaign won’t be included from the start of the release. It’s promised as a “post release planned feature”. Not 100% sure what this mean – will gameplay only consist of random missions?

8-bit for the masses

Anyway, those alive will see, so let’s hope for release not too far into the future. And for those that want to read more, there is a nice Codex thread going on here with the developer talking and answering questions.


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