Unavowed – Mystery Club

Unavowed is technically an adventure/point & click game, yet feels more like a visual novel thanks to its focus on narrative, dialogue, and C&C (choice & consequences). The game does have classic problem-solving with you having to pixel hunt, pick up items and match these objects, but the puzzles are on the easy side. Thanks to being easier, though, it does keep the pacing consistent throughout the game. Real veterans of the genre will probably breeze through Unavowed solving issues effortlessly, thankfully, as stated above, it has more going on than just puzzles. 

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Alpha Protocol – Espionage Stumble

Alpha Protocol could have been a masterwork of an RPG, the story, setting, and non-linear way of interacting with the narrative and characters I think is still unmatched to this day… but. The mission/level gameplay outside hub-area sauntering is absolutely awful. It’s both a major disappointment, because of the could-have-been, and baffling – how could it even turn out this bad? It’s not unplayable in any way, it’s just that it’s not very fun, especially since making a comparison to other games in the stealth genre the feeling gets so much worse. Imagine a Splinter Cell with this kind of narrative and the roleplaying elements from Alpha Protocol. It would be nothing less than a dream coming true, and oh so close we were to that dream.

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Quasimorphosis: Exordium – Impressions

Quasimorphosis: Exordium is a free roguelike that was released on Steam for a few weeks ago. I have invested a few hours into it, and I thought I would give my impressions. I’m not a rougelike expert in any way, it’s not a genre that I have my eyes on. The only experience I have from the genre is playing Dwarf Fortress in adventure mode. And while I think it’s similar, it’s probably not really the same. So, going by roguelike standards, I do not know how well this game performs, unfortunately. The visual style it’s a mix between X-com, and Doom, all in pixel glory. Some clear inspirations to the story, and setting must be Event Horizon, and the Alien movies considering the theme. So far, so good, I would say.

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Black Mesa – Remake Wonder

Black Mesa started as a free mod back in 2012, unfortunately, I have no experience with the game from that time. Black Mesa didn’t enter my gaming radar until it reached Steam in the form av Early Access, and while I wasn’t immediately impressed, nor interested exactly – I’m glad my outlook changed. Because, as it turned out, the updated version of the legendary game Half-Life is damn good! While I only have admiration for the GoldSrc engine (all those hours in Day of Defeat, and Counter-Strike), it is getting a bit long in the tooth. The Source engine, from Half-Life 2, which Black Mesa use is technically old too, but it does feel and look more modern, especially since Valve still updates it with new features.

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Songs of Conquest – HoMM goodness

Songs of Conquest is a something to keep an eye on if you like the classic Heroes of Might & Magic games. While I have played, and enjoyed these games in the past, especially the third one in the series, I’m not a HoMM evangelic. Though, I see the value of these strategic, and tactical turn-based games, and what it has done for PC-gaming at large.

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