Songs of Conquest – HoMM goodness

Songs of Conquest is a something to keep an eye on if you like the classic Heroes of Might & Magic games. While I have played, and enjoyed these games in the past, especially the third one in the series, I’m not a HoMM evangelic. Though, I see the value of these strategic, and tactical turn-based games, and what it has done for PC-gaming at large.

Oh, so pretty!

So, here we are with SoC, and at first glance what makes it different to me is the excellent pixel art visual style with accommodating superb animations. While graphics is of course only surface level, it does set the atmosphere, but as luck will have it the game has more going for it. It seems they have captured as many of the features as possible from the classic games and expanded on them. Time will tell, though, but the future is looking bright for HoMM fans. The only negative I take from the game is that it will be released in Early Access, and EA, while the idea is good, does not always end up as best for either game, nor costumer.


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