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Frontlines: Fuel of War – Nostradamus Edition

Posted in Action, PC with tags , on 24 March 2023 by Thomas

I used to play Frontlines: Fuel of War by the now-defunct developer Kaos Studios on the good old Xbox 360 because my PC was crap at the time. It was a hell of a game, the multiplayer was awesome, the setting cool, and the weapons interesting and deadly. I would even consider it better than the Battlefield series. It was an entertaining game with great gameplay that was ahead of its time in more than one aspect when it comes to multiplayer. Unfortunately, it didn’t take off, much to my dismay, and since then the genre has fallen off a cliff in my opinion.

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Just Bad Games

Posted in General stuff with tags on 16 March 2023 by Thomas

The number of games I play that don’t make the cut is depressingly high. Much is of course on me, and my taste, but I got to say – the standards seem to have fallen off a cliff lately. I have reviewed a few games that I didn’t complete fully, however, in those cases I figured I’ve played enough to give my opinion on it. If a game doesn’t catch my attention after playing half of it, it’s doubtful it ever will. And some games are just too darn hard for me to ever finish, destroying my integrity in the process. Usually, those titles start out okay, but then eventually turn into a masochistic experience of pure suffering. I believe a review can be worth it in both of these cases still, maybe to act as a warning or to just get something out of the wasted hours in front of the screen.

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Warbanners – Welcome to Difficultville

Posted in PC, Strategy, Turn-Based with tags , , on 10 March 2023 by Thomas

This is a weird one. I do enjoy the basics of Warbanners, I find the graphics fine, and the mechanics for the most part intriguing, however, the difficulty is just out of this world. I can appreciate that fact to a certain degree, but the older I get, the less time I have to go full autismo mode like in my younger days. With this, I mean the time it takes for a game to go from challenging to tear-out-your-hair frustrating. This usually ends up with me banging my head against a wall, until the one and only perfect strategy forms. My tolerance for that kind of gameplay is almost gone nowadays. There is a subset of gamers that love this kind of Stalingrad -esque difficulty in their games, and I salute them. Crasleen Games surely has made something for them to dig into, but for the rest of us mere mortals…

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BROK the InvestiGator – Gator eats Gator World

Posted in Action, PC, Point & Click Adventure with tags , , on 05 March 2023 by Thomas

Point & click and the beat ’em up genre combined, two genres that should never cross, like the beams in Ghost Busters. What is next, horror and comedy? Oh wait, that is a thing. Unlike that unholy meld, Brok the Investigator does the blending fairly well, which adds some gameplay to the otherwise pretty static adventure gaming. However, it’s not all happy sunshine, but COWCAT almost succeeded!

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Food for the Soul (gamer style) – Volume Three

Posted in General stuff with tags on 02 March 2023 by Thomas

It’s once again time for music. And let’s start off with some 90s cyberpunk with Syndicate

Simple in its structure, but oh so awesome. Futuristic, hard, and ominous. With this introductory tune, you are about to be thrown into a cyberpunk world full of strife and mind melting.

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