Timothy Cain YouTube channel

Just want to give a small tip here. It seems Timothy Cain of legendary games such as Fallout and Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura has started a YouTube channel where he answers questions, and goes over development issues on the games he has worked on. Very interesting stuff, if you have any kind of interest in CRPGs.

I wouldn’t say he has impressed me much when it comes to modern times since some of the games he worked on are questionable at best. Nonetheless, I highly recommend giving the channel a watch! Maybe he will invest in a new better microphone too, if there is enough interest.

Food for the Soul (gamer style) – Volume Four

Time for another session of gaming music, and why not start with the excellent intro tune to Syndicate Wars. Yes, Syndicate tops the list again.

It’s a bit of a weird one for sure, however, it sets the tone perfectly for this mysterious corporate cyberpunk hellscape that is the future. A future we all have to hope doesn’t come to pass.

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Just Bad Games

The number of games I play that don’t make the cut is depressingly high. Much is of course on me, and my taste, but I got to say – the standards seem to have fallen off a cliff lately. I have reviewed a few games that I didn’t complete fully, however, in those cases I figured I’ve played enough to give my opinion on it. If a game doesn’t catch my attention after playing half of it, it’s doubtful it ever will. And some games are just too darn hard for me to ever finish, destroying my integrity in the process. Usually, those titles start out okay, but then eventually turn into a masochistic experience of pure suffering. I believe a review can be worth it in both of these cases still, maybe to act as a warning or to just get something out of the wasted hours in front of the screen.

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