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Games to look forward to in the Fall (hopefully)

Posted in General stuff with tags on 10 September 2022 by Thomas

With this year feeling like a wasteland when it comes to new and interesting game releases, I thought I would do a list of upcoming games that got my attention that might save this year yet. I got a lot of different kind of games on my wishlist, but the titles listed here stand out a little more than the others and has the potential to be something more than just a weekend of play-and-forget. I’m avoiding Early Access, and will only focus on full game releases. Also, this is highly subjective and is based on what I prefer to play. The ranking does not matter and should be considered random. With all that said, here we go!

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Lord of the Rings – Rings of Power

Posted in General stuff with tags on 03 September 2022 by Thomas

Yes, I know, it’s not game related, but I just had to put my two cents in. I watched the two first episodes, and the only thing it did for me is leaving me baffled how this show could cost 1 billion dollars. The scenery looks nice from time to time, and while it looks good, it doesn’t impress. It’s like graphics for games, it just doesn’t do it for me alone anymore, and most of the backgrounds are computer graphics anyway – the cheapest CGI there is. Been there, seen that, you need better art direction to wow me, which you would think 1 billion got you.

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Bit of a slow down

Posted in General stuff on 25 July 2022 by Thomas

The site is going through a bit of a slow-down at the moment. And the reason for this, is that I haven’t played much new stuff lately, so I got nothing to write about. Another reason is that I have to do some studying for an upcoming exam. Yes, I took a university course this summer, mostly for fun. Who knew you have to study for it?

But I will be back with new, fresh stuff soon enough. My gaming habits usually come and go in waves, from intensive playing one week, then nothing the next. Anyway, see you all soon, and have a great remaining summer!

Best regards!


Halo – Episode 1 impressions

Posted in General stuff with tags on 25 March 2022 by Thomas

Didn’t plan to watch this considering the recent track record of Halo (Yes, even Halo Infinite), and in general games to movie adaptations… But, as a fan of Halo at least one time long ago, I had to give it a go. I have always liked the universe, the struggle and the military aspect of it – so if enough of that stuff gets transferred over it should be an okay watch, right? Well, what can I say, it does keep some details of the games, like names and the general universe setting, overall, though, I found the whole thing pretty abysmal with it being Halo on a visual level only.

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So what has happened since 2012?

Posted in General stuff on 13 March 2022 by Thomas

Plenty of stuff, but at the same time not too much. Games are the same almost on a genre level, but there have been some notable things that happened to the industry.

Political correctness / wokeness is a big one. Games (not only games, though) have been suffering from insufferable political correctness the last couple of years. So now we have World War II shooters with mixed race battalions, women on the front-line with prosthetics etc. It has been an absurd ride, but thankfully it’s mostly regulated to AAA-gaming. Which leads me to…

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