Game of Thrones – A Telltale Games Series

As usual, when it comes to Telltale games their focus is on the narrative with a minimum of gameplay besides quick-time-events. Their Game of Thrones take is no different, and I think, as long as you know what you get into, this lack of gameplay shouldn’t really bother you as long as the story is entertaining. So, does Telltale do justice to the grim world of a Song of Ice and Fire?

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Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut – Miss Moody

Kathy Rain is a point & click adventure game made by the Swedish company Clifftop Games, and it’s one of the coziest titles I have ever played – at least the first half of it. It’s set in the 1990s (a time I personally miss very much), and you get to play as the somewhat abrasive, but likable Kathy Rain – coming home to her town of birth to take farewell to a relative. Stuff is not so easy, though. There is some kind of mystery surrounding your grandfather’s death, which you will have to solve to put this part of your life to rest.

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Call of the Sea – Impressions

This will not be a full review since I didn’t finish it, so this will be more of an impression/take on the early parts of the game. Call of the Sea is a puzzle, point & click adventure by the developers Out of the Blue. By typical modern first-person puzzle design, it’s a walking simulator to at least 70% of the gameplay, with the remaining 30% consisting of pressing buttons. I don’t have anything against it per se, so don’t take this aspect as a negative for my unlike of the game, it was just something with this title that put me off it.

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Rain of Reflections: Set Free – No Child Policy

Rain of Reflections is a point & click adventure game with combat in turn-based mode. It was released by the Swedish developer studio Lionbite Games back in 2019. It was supposed to be a three-chapter thing, but thanks to low interest, the game got unfortunately abandoned. So we only got chapter one, which of course has the game ending on a major unresolved cliffhanger. I have owned this title for a while now, I think I got it for one euro or something ridiculous like that, and I thought it might be time to give it a go regardless of the finished status. I’m not regretting that decision, the only regrettable thing here is that it wasn’t completed.

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Unavowed – Mystery Club

Unavowed is technically an adventure/point & click game, yet feels more like a visual novel thanks to its focus on narrative, dialogue, and C&C (choice & consequences). The game does have classic problem-solving with you having to pixel hunt, pick up items and match these objects, but the puzzles are on the easy side. Thanks to being easier, though, it does keep the pacing consistent throughout the game. Real veterans of the genre will probably breeze through Unavowed solving issues effortlessly, thankfully, as stated above, it has more going on than just puzzles. 

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