Project Haven – Cyberpunk Fun

2022 will be a good year for everyone that enjoy turn-based tactical games with simulated systems – if we all get to live through it, considering the volatile state of the world. I’m not sure about the odds, but having two very promising TB-games coming out the same year must be minuscule, yet, here we are with Project Haven closing in on release. PH will have a narrative driven campaign set in a near-future cyberpunk world, and unsurprising to none – this world is filled with hostile gangs that needs to be taken out, and you are up for the task.

Just like Urban Strife that is also coming out this year, it’s going to have a fully dynamic and simulated combat – in other words, projectiles will be physical objects, and not some abstract thing like in for an example the nuXcom games. A huge plus in my book, since I will always prefer this style of TB, compared to the more abstract boardgame system. Project Haven also have one more thing similar to Urban Strife, and that is that this game also had a demo out during Steam Next Fest, and I had the pleasure of playing it. So, once again, with confidence I can say that the combat plays, and feel great, with movement, aiming, shooting, and other actions being excellently controlled by action-points – giving the player full control of their cyberpunk mercenaries.

Corridor shootout, with casualties sleeping permanently on the floor

Setting, graphics, and atmosphere is also good, and fits the theme of a downtrodden cyberpunk city. The combat is violent, and suitable to the backdrop – damage is high, and life is cheap! Sound is fine, with a bonus of being absolutely hilarious going by your friendly mercenary barks. They say all kind of weird things, getting me to chuckle constantly. My hope is that these personality quirks gets expanded upon, because it adds a lot to the immersion.

No set date has been announced for release, except that it will be under 2022. And in usual manner the wait is going to be evil, but what can you do?


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