Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall (DLC)

Beyond the Wall is a DLC for the game Game of Thrones, which I reviewed here. In this little expansion, we get to experience the backstory of all our favorite characters Mors, 10 years before the actual story in the main game. Just like the original, the writing is good, and at times very witty, making me snicker in front of the computer. The gameplay is also the same, with you fighting together with random companions, leveling up, upgrading your talents, and looting dead dudes with split heads.

So, while the story is fun to follow, especially since we this time get to go to the top of the wall, and experience the wilds beyond the giant ice barrier – the DLC is incredibly short. I was not expecting a 10-20 hour experience here, but this barely qualifies as a side-quest than an actual expansion. I think I finished it within 1 hour, and I bought it for 5 euros, which is probably more than I paid for the main title. While more Mors is always great, I just can’t justify that price for the amount of content you get. If you can get it for much cheaper, like for maybe 1 euro, or buy it together with the main game as a bundle, I can’t recommend this DLC for full price.

Arena combat, fun for everyone!

As I said, the story is interesting, but it doesn’t actually expand on the game since you can’t take anything with you after finishing it. It’s just a nice little telling of the life of Mors… that when it comes down to it wasn’t that important to the overall narrative.


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