Games to look forward to in the Fall (hopefully)

With this year feeling like a wasteland when it comes to new and interesting game releases, I thought I would do a list of upcoming games that got my attention that might save this year yet. I got a lot of different kind of games on my wishlist, but the titles listed here stand out a little more than the others and has the potential to be something more than just a weekend of play-and-forget. I’m avoiding Early Access, and will only focus on full game releases. Also, this is highly subjective and is based on what I prefer to play. The ranking does not matter and should be considered random. With all that said, here we go!

Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress has been out for years, but this will be the premium edition that will have mouse support, better UI, and consistent visuals that seem to cover all aspects of the game. The presentation looks so much better than the free version it almost can’t be compared. Unless you prefer the ASCII graphics, then this release will probably be pointless. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get a set release date, but it’s rumored to release late this year. The only thing we can hope for is that the rumor mill is true this time since the wait sure has been long enough.

Project Haven

Lots to be excited about here. It’s a turn-based tactical RPG that has combat with realistic ballistics, set in a dark near-future cyberpunk setting. When I played the demo last year, I fell in love immediately. The combat felt nice, the atmosphere was nice, and the barks made me laugh out loud. The mission setup and the RPG segments seem interesting as well. The planned release is set for 2022, so it could be released anytime during these last six months of the year. I’m hoping it’s still on schedule, and we get to fight cyberpunk thugs this year.

You don’t ever want to eat a direct shotgun blast

Urban Strife

What happens if you combine Jagged Alliance 2 and zombies? Well, you get Urban Strife. Like Project Haven, it’s a tactical RPG with a realistic ballistic system. I personally loved Dead State, but that game had a lot of faults, especially when it comes to combat. So I’m hoping this game will be its spiritual successor and improve on stuff from that game. And going by the demo, combat-wise it already does, but the writing is wait and see. According to Steam, it’s set to release this year, and hopefully, that still stands. 

Outcast 2 – A New Beginning

Yes, there is a sequel coming for good old Outcast, and apparently, it’s the same team behind it that created the original. The original was way ahead of the times with its voxel-based graphics and immersive open world. While it doesn’t seem to innovate anything, it looks like it will be a good romp in a weird science fiction world. The only thing that might bring it down a little is that it seems the classic enemies have been replaced with robots, and fighting robots can only get you so far. The release date is set to “coming soon”, and hopefully soon mean soon. Say no to Valve time!

SKALD: Against the Black Priory

Who is up for an RPG with Commodore graphics? I know I am. After having tested the demo a few months ago, I fell in love with it. The visuals, mood, and writing just felt right, especially the combination of Lovecraftian mysticism with a DnD-like roleplaying system. Now to hope the whole game can keep up that feeling, and expand on it. And if it does, it will for sure be a classic to me! The release date is set for 2022, and from what I can tell, it is approaching a finished state. Here is to hoping everything goes smoothly and it gets released this year.

You can only be called a true sailor if you survive a Kraken attack

Jagged Alliance 3

Yeah, I know, it sounds too good to be true, but Jagged Alliance 2 will officially get a sequel. There have been countless games made on the IP, but every single one has failed to live up to the name. So, what makes this one different? Well, it got a nice budget, it’s not some minor budget title, it has experienced developers making it, and from what I can tell from videos, pictures, and interviews, they want to make a true sequel, taking stuff that made the series legendary in the first place and continue to work on that. It will also have a realistic ballistics system, and you will be able to go prone with your mercs. The strategic map will also make a comeback. So far so good, but it can still be a dud of course, yet, I will remain optimistic. It can’t get any worse than Jagged Alliance: Flashback and Jagged Alliance: Rage. It’s set to “coming soon”, and if that is not a lie, I would assume a release this year.

Dreams in the Witch House

Another Lovecraft-inspired game. This is what happens when you are public domain, which I have nothing against. The more, the merrier, and I can’t get enough of the Lovecraft mythos personally, or well when it’s well done. And going by the demo, this sure is a keeper if you like point & click adventure. It’s based on one of his stories, but with certain liberties taken to make it more like a game, and from what I have tried, it works great. Very much looking forward to this release, and it’s listed for a 2022 release. So hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to experience some classic cosmic horror.

The Callisto Protocol

If you are like me and adore the Dead Space franchise, you have all the reasons to look forward to The Callisto Protocol since it’s made by the same director. It will also be a survival horror to continue in the same vein with a lot of gore and limb-removing action. It might be a little too similar for some people, but I don’t mind. Dead Space 3 was released in 2013 so it’s about time we get something new in that style, aka claustrophobic space horror. It’s set to release on the 2th of December this year, according to their Steam page at least. If nothing weird happens, we should get some nice horror to warm us in the cold this winter.

Clear indication of a corridor not to walk down

That is all the games I have wish-listed that have a chance of coming out before the end of the year. If only half of them manage to get released, and are enjoyable, this wasteland of a year when it comes to gaming can actually turn around for the better. There are many more games set for Early Access, but unfortunately, I have developed a mild allergy to EA, so I try to avoid them as much as I can. Not to be mean, or anything, especially to those devs that are more or less forced to use this approach, but I have ruined too many games by playing them early. And not to forget all the disappointments… Anyway, thanks for reading. I hope there is something on the list that got your eye for this coming fall!


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