Blood Nova – Demo Impressions

Blood Nova is a point and click adventure game by the developers Cosmic Void/Joseph Gardner. Its setting is the far future of mankind, which gave me a modest “Foundation” vibe. The backdrop and graphics set the mysterious tone splendidly, but the somewhat quirky zoomer: ish dialogue that all modern entertainment media seem to be written in did take me out of it from time to time. Watch any superhero movie, or the latest Star Wars to understand what I’m talking about.

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1428: Shadows over Silesia – Demo Impressions

1428: Shadows over Silesia is an indie top-down RPG made by the developer team KUBI games. Team, as in solo developer, but I’m not sure. Anyway, this demo that lasted about an hour was a true roller-coaster. It started great with a fantastic introduction to the setting, then my interest dipped when I was thrown into the linear world. But I stuck to it in hopes that it turns around, and the game suddenly popped back up into high excitement level when I reached the cave/dungeon. Man, it sure was a wild one-hour ride!

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Chameleon – Forgotten Stealth

Chameleon is a stealth action game made by the guys behind Hidden & DangerousMafia, and the Vietcong franchise. They were known as Illusion Softworks, and like many game developers from the past, they are no more. The thing that makes Chameleon interesting is that it was only released in Eastern Europe since it didn’t see proper publishing in the West. However, thanks to Internet magic it is now playable for us Westerners. Somewhat. 

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Gears of War: Ultimate Edition – Popping Moles

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (for Windows 10) is a remaster of the original Gears of War that came out in 2006 for Xbox 360. It was made by Epic Games, and it was a big financial success, popularizing the third-person shooter with cover mechanics. The remaster is made by The Coalition, which has also made the modern 4th, and 5th games in the series. I’m not sure what came over me, but I was in the mood for popping some moles, and what game is better than that than the OG pop-a-mole title! I played it with an Xbox 360 controller to maintain the feel of the 360-days.

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