Operation: Black Mesa – More non-Valve Half-Life

This title caught my eye the other day, and perhaps it wouldn’t have if the remake of the original Half-Life wasn’t as good as it was. I’m of course talking about Black Mesa, which in my personal opinion was a fantastic re-imagining, and throwback to the classic game. So what is Operation: Black Mesa, then? Well, it’s a remake of the expansions Blue Shift and Opposing Force that were released for Half-Life back in the day as additional content expanding on the lore.

It’s time to empty that glock!

The only thing that might be up for some concern is that it’s not the same team behind this project, but then again, the Black Mesa devs were unproven too. Yet, their version of Half-Life turned out to be great, except for a few stumbles when it comes to Xen. There is no set date for release, which makes me think that it’s pretty far away – at least not being a 2022 title. Another thing that has to be mentioned is that I find it a bit funny how much Half-Life content we have gotten the last couple of years with Alyx, and Black Mesa, but still no mention of Half-Life 3 by Valve. Man, I really want to see how it ends, so get to it, Gabe!


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