Call of Saregnar – Demo Impressions

Call of Saregnar is a promising indie RPG coming out of Slovenia. However, there is an international flavor to the team coming from all corners of the world, all the way from America, to New Zealand. From a first glance, it’s immediate for people who know their RPG’s, to tell where the inspiration for the title is coming from; namely Betrayal at Krondor. Which I, unfortunately haven’t had the pleasure of playing, regardless, I know about it well. I really should sit down, and play it some of these days, considering its legendary status within the CRPG community.

Call of Saregnar plays from a first-person perspective with extremely charming retro pixel based visuals. The nostalgic feeling, and just pure pleasure for the eyes almost overwhelmed me when I first started it up. It’s like being inserted into a real nice piece of pixel art. The main character Hewan, as you play as, is very likeable, and the dialogues are easy to follow, and flows naturally. Nothing is voiced, except the narrator in the beginning, which I thought did a good job of setting the mood. Keeping on that note, the music is atmospheric, calming, and fits the setting/visuals wonderfully. The UI is a joy to navigate, and you can tell effort went into it, both to fit, and keeping the nostalgia juices flowing.

Hewan, looking a bit concerned

The combat takes place on a hexed-based grid, and is turn-based with full animation of melee, magic, and ranged attacks. It might seem pretty basic at first sight, but I personally enjoyed it. I can only imagine that the combat gets more involved, and advanced later on in the game – bearing in mind, that you only have one spell to use in the demo.

In conclusion, the demo genuinely impressed me on all levels, and hopefully when the full release comes around in a couple of years (the wait is going to be painful), we are going to have a great RPG on our hands.

Thanks for reading.


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