Urban Strife – Upcoming Zombie Apocalypse

Urban Strife is another title to look forward to in 2022. It’s a turn-based tactical game set in a zombie apocalypse, inspired by such games as Jagged Alliance. It’s being made by White Pond Games, located in Romania. Unlike many other games I’m looking forward to, I have actually played this one since they had a demo running during Steam Next Fest. So this is not just hopeful faith based on previews, it’s surprisingly good, with maybe some minor questionable writing. For an example – the town you are in is called Urban. To me, that just comes off as weird considering the title of the game. Urban Strife implies hardship in a general city environment, not actually having difficulties in a city named Urban. It’s a bit confusing, but as I said, it’s a minor thing, and it could even be a placeholder for all I know.

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Tank Squad – Promising tanker sim?

Been following Tank Squad by DeGenerals SA for a couple of weeks, and it’s a continuous experience of getting impressed by their dev-logs. These guys seem pretty damn serious with creating a realistic, and immersive WW2 tank-simulator. What makes this title interesting, beyond what is presented, is their former game on Steam – Tank Mechanic Simulator. I think you know where I’m going with this. Having a tank-simulator with experienced game devs when it comes to repair, and general tank mechanics can’t be a bad thing.

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Battle Brothers – The last DLC?

For a game that was supposed not to get any DLCs, Overhype Studios sure released plenty over the years – some free, some paid for. I’m not saying this to slag off the game, since the DLCs provided have been a great addition to it, and well worth the money. It has expanded the gameplay, lore and features with many hours of worth of content. But now, with the release of the free expansion Of Flesh and Faith, it seems that we have reached the end of the line for Battle Brothers. I would say, it’s both bad, and good. The bad thing is, since I love Battle Brothers, is that I would love to see more expansions released for it. The game still has so much untapped potential, like for an example, I would like to see the possibility of camp/castle ownership. A way to dump money into your own little mercenary guild, with accommodating fortress. Or, why not expand the game with interior areas, like crypts and the likes? Imagine Battle Brother going dungeon diving – there is so much potential here! Alas, all things must end, I guess.

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