Food for the Soul (gamer style) – Volume Four

Time for another session of gaming music, and why not start with the excellent intro tune to Syndicate Wars. Yes, Syndicate tops the list again.

It’s a bit of a weird one for sure, however, it sets the tone perfectly for this mysterious corporate cyberpunk hellscape that is the future. A future we all have to hope doesn’t come to pass.

Next up is Rimworld with its relaxing track Moving On.

When not in danger, and you just want to enhance your colony, you can’t ask for a calmer song. I love that the tune also has a slight Western frontier theme to it, which basically is what the game is in a nutshell – when you are not playing genocide colony of death and harvesting people.

Now, how about some X-com music in the form of the Xcom DLC Tactical Legacy Pack for Xcom 2Resistance is my chosen piece, even if the whole soundtrack is pretty damn good.

It got some pretty sweet hard beats and electro synths, perfect for tense Xcom operations facing hideous aliens.

It can’t be a song list without some cheese, so here is the Main Title (Eternal Return) from Dragon’s Dogma. I’m not usually much for these kinds of tunes, but something with this one just stuck with me.

An epic song for an epic game. And maybe one day in the far-off future we will get a sequel to this great game.

I didn’t enjoy Divinity: Original Sin much, but you can’t deny that the soundtrack is amazing. It’s filled with memorable songs having Kirill Pokrovsky(RIP) outdoing himself. One of my favorites is Mirror of Truth.

It has a nice religious and ethereal feel to it, and it’s a shame the whimsical nature of the story overshadows the music in parts. However, as a stand-alone album, it’s lovely.

That’s all folks, until next time!


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