Food for the Soul (gamer style) – Volume One

I wouldn’t say game music is underrated exactly, but in my opinion, it’s often overlooked, so with this little blog post I will list some of my favorite tunes/songs from games I have played (in no special order).

Let’s start with Risen. One my favorite RPGs made by Piranha bytes.

The beach is one of the first tunes you hear in the game if my memory is correct, and it excellently sets the mood for the coming adventure with a little bit of added spookiness factor of the unknown mystery of venturing inland through the jungle.

Next up is Dead Rising with the helicopter ride music. In combination with what is going on on the screen, this bit both scared and excited me the first time I experienced it.

It got a very old-school “alarming” quality to it that says bad stuff is about to go down. It also takes me back to Romero’s old zombie flicks. It has that same kind of intro that oozes dread for what is coming, asking you if you are truly ready for it.

Then we have Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem with mystical Arabian tunes, and not to forget some Lovecraftian cosmic horror sprinkled on top.

It’s an awesome piece of music that still gives me shivers. It has this otherworldly sense about it, especially when the vocals kick in.

Now it’s time for Wasteland 3 with the first vocalized song on the list. It’s just a good song, with great lyrics that fit the setting perfectly.

I also think it’s a bit of an unusual music choice for a game, which in this case makes it stand out. The OST is filled with great tunes like this one.

Time for the 80s to triumph with Jagged Alliance 2‘s Laptop theme. It’s probably the most 80s and mercenary style of music I have ever experienced. It fits the theme of the game so well that nothing since then has come close to that feeling.

This song is so good, it would probably fit anything mercenary-like forever and ever. I can easily picture myself watching Dolph Lundgren painting camo on him himself preparing for battle with this tune in the background.

We also need some time travel shenanigans on this list, and that will come in form of Original War‘s main theme.

This music might not scream sci-fi, but by God is it good! The mix with an eastern European style of music, and pleasant beats makes it a pleasure to listen to, and like Wasteland 3, it’s a bit of an unusual OST with awesome music throughout.

And that is all from me this time. I will probably do another one of these in the future because there is a lot of great music out there from different games.


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