Slowdown 2.0

Yep, it’s time for another slowdown. The reason: I have not played any new games, and I got a couple of courses I need to finish. But don’t fret! More will be coming soon. I ordered a few Playstation 2 games that I have never played before. So they will get reviewed when finished. I have a couple of PC games waiting to be played as well in the adventure genre. I just haven’t felt like doing those kinds of games lately, so they have been put on the back burner for now.

I have been casually recording a Xenonauts playthrough for Youtube, which you can find below if interested. It’s just for fun, something to keep the X-com feel up while waiting for Xenonauts 2, and other similar games.

I have been thinking of maybe doing some news reporting, but I don’t want my little project here on the internet to become that kind of site. There is also the issue of there being nothing worthwhile to report on, at least not when it comes to my gaming tastes. However, one good thing I can mention at least, and that is that Dwarf Fortress (Steam edition) will be released this year, in December. So that is something to look forward to! Otherwise, we have The Callisto Protocol coming out in the same month. I guess Santa still got some presents for us this year!

Alright. See you all soon with some new reviews!


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