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Jagged Alliance 3 – Ian Currie

Posted in General stuff with tags on 22 January 2023 by Thomas

In a rather surprising move, the team behind Jagged Alliance 3 got the original designer (Ian Currie) of the Jagged Alliance game onboard. Going by the video released concerning this, he sure says all the right things, and it got me more excited than I used to be for this game. However, it’s unfortunately not a recipe for success as seen before with games like Phoenix Point with Julian Gollop at the helm. To be honest, it all has become a bit of a meme, especially for us that took part in the RPG Kickstarter revival. Still cool, though, and another interesting thing is that the lead designer seems to play and like Jagged Alliance 2 if you go by the video. He mentions he plays and finishes it at least once per year, so hopefully, his love for the game translates over to the sequel. 

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Food for the Soul (gamer style) – Volume One

Posted in General stuff with tags on 12 January 2023 by Thomas

I wouldn’t say game music is underrated exactly, but in my opinion, it’s often overlooked, so with this little blog post I will list some of my favorite tunes/songs from games I have played (in no special order).

Let’s start with Risen. One my favorite RPGs made by Piranha bytes.

The beach is one of the first tunes you hear in the game if my memory is correct, and it excellently sets the mood for the coming adventure with a little bit of added spookiness factor of the unknown mystery of venturing inland through the jungle.

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Slowdown 2.0

Posted in General stuff on 09 November 2022 by Thomas

Yep, it’s time for another slowdown. The reason: I have not played any new games, and I got a couple of courses I need to finish. But don’t fret! More will be coming soon. I ordered a few Playstation 2 games that I have never played before. So they will get reviewed when finished. I have a couple of PC games waiting to be played as well in the adventure genre. I just haven’t felt like doing those kinds of games lately, so they have been put on the back burner for now.

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Games to look forward to in the Fall (hopefully)

Posted in General stuff with tags on 10 September 2022 by Thomas

With this year feeling like a wasteland when it comes to new and interesting game releases, I thought I would do a list of upcoming games that got my attention that might save this year yet. I got a lot of different kind of games on my wishlist, but the titles listed here stand out a little more than the others and has the potential to be something more than just a weekend of play-and-forget. I’m avoiding Early Access, and will only focus on full game releases. Also, this is highly subjective and is based on what I prefer to play. The ranking does not matter and should be considered random. With all that said, here we go!

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Lord of the Rings – Rings of Power

Posted in General stuff with tags on 03 September 2022 by Thomas

Yes, I know, it’s not game related, but I just had to put my two cents in. I watched the two first episodes, and the only thing it did for me is leaving me baffled how this show could cost 1 billion dollars. The scenery looks nice from time to time, and while it looks good, it doesn’t impress. It’s like graphics for games, it just doesn’t do it for me alone anymore, and most of the backgrounds are computer graphics anyway – the cheapest CGI there is. Been there, seen that, you need better art direction to wow me, which you would think 1 billion got you.

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